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AI & Immersive Reality

Innovations from machine-simulated intelligence with elements like consciousness, empathy, and speech, to the Internet of Things, smart devices, and autonomous task optimization. Immersive Reality start-ups aim to deeply engage consumers through Web 3.0 applications, wearables, blockchain tech, AR, VR, and other visualization technologies. Their applications range from dating and social connections to professional networking, gaming, defense, content production, NFT/blockchain, and beyond.

Entertainment, Media & Content

Cutting-edge technologies and platforms revolutionizing the realms of leisure, information, and entertainment. These innovations cater to a wide range of industries, including gaming, music, film, television, video production, arts, news and publishing, streaming services, and digital storytelling.

Nutrition, Wellness, and Healthcare

Innovations centered around human-centric solutions that propel nutrition and foster connections between individuals and various facets of the healthcare ecosystem, such as health systems, care teams, providers, insurance, corporate and personal wellness services, as well as public health and social services. These startups may also encompass applications in food and consumer packaged goods (CPG), agriculture and farming, aging and geriatrics, vaccines, mRNA technology, overall wellness, assistive technology, diagnosis, treatment, fertility, genetics, exercise, home fitness, nutrition, sleep, sports, cannabis, and medical wearable technologies.

Next-Generation Workforce Solutions

Innovations that facilitate, empower, transform, and broaden capabilities in the future of work and the work experience. These technologies may have applications in the gig economy, remote work and connectivity, business communication, project management, workforce incentives and benefits, payments, manufacturing, human resources, employee education and skills training, recruiting, and more.

Urban Innovation, Transportation & Sustainable Solutions

Innovations driving the evolution of smart cities through the provision of services and products tailored for local environments, encompassing buildings, neighborhoods, communities, and public spaces. These advancements may be applied in areas such as sustainability, climate resilience, renewable energy solutions, real estate development, transportation, tourism, logistics, product delivery, autonomous vehicles, ridesharing, infrastructure, utilities, public works, security, population analytics, government and civic services, and beyond.

Emerging Student-Led Venture

Student-led startup demonstrating cutting-edge technology in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Voice & Robotics; Enterprise & Smart Data; Entertainment, Media & Content; Extended Reality and Web3; Future of Work; Food, Nutrition & Health; Innovative World Technologies; and Smart Cities, Transportation & Sustainability. An active student member of the startup's management team must be available to present at the TAKE A CHANCE! Pitch if chosen as a Finalist, and must be enrolled at a college or University during the TAKE A CHANCE! Pitch event in September 2024. This category is not eligible to win the grand prize.

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